Our mission

To help our clients achieve their dream of home ownership with expertise and integrity.

Who we are


help others, always


live in the future, not in the past


be the best you can be, and when you’re there, strive to be better

Never negative

always focus on the positive in your life


answer to no one but your client


treat everyone the way you want to be treated


transform your client’s dreams into reality


live with passion!

Loans Completed
Years in Business

We are one of the top rated mortgage companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 2002, we have been helping our clients, with expertise and integrity, purchase and refinance their homes.

Our team is made of well-educated and dedicated experts who share one passion: helping others.
Our unique process allows for faster and smoother loan closings while ensuring that our clients get the lowest interest rate available.
Our biggest success is the excellent reviews and continuous referrals we receive from our raving fans.

Meet the Team

Greg Lartilleux

Broker / Owner

Brent Lloyd

Loan Manager

Lisa Levi

Loan Partner

Ellice Kaminsky

Mortgage Consultant

Linda Barber

Mortgage Consultant